The beginning

You know that thing in life the one you always plan to do but never actually get round to? Well for me that’s blogging, but the time has come to stop making excuses and give it a go.

I’m Lottie a 21 year old first year journalism student in Sheffield this is my first blog but I’ve loved writing for many years. In the future I plan to blog about many aspects of my life such as;

  • Student life
  • Music
  • Books
  • Baking and Crafts
  • Mental health

My journey of learning/doing 24 new skills in the next 24 months (watch out for my next post, more on this then.)

So down to when I’m blogging (this seems such a big commitment ahhh) the current plan is 2 posts a week a review/how to/opinion post on Fridays and 24 new skills in 24 months posts on Sundays starting from the 20th of April

I hope this has given you an idea about me and my blog and you’ll want to return to read more soon.

I’d love to hear peoples thoughts and anything they’d like to see in the future so please feel free to comment.