The life of a concert goer

Now if you’re like me and enjoy going to concerts and have been too well let’s say a few, it is highly likely someone will have commented negatively or will of said one of the following to you;

  • Why do you see the same band more than once surely its all the same?
  • You’re wasting your money
  • You’re wasting your time

Among other things but you will also exactly understand why you do keep going.

I got thinking about this after recently going to a concert for the first time in nearly a year a few days ago this been concert number 104 for me and honestly, I’m sad for those that don’t understand the enjoyment of live music.

I personally don’t see the difference between someone enjoying and going to lots of concerts than going to all the football matches for the season, and why we make newspaper headlines with negative connotations about wasting our time or not having anything better to do yet people queue for the newest store opening or product release.

While what i do in the eyes of the public may not be acceptable however the various reactions to “ive been to a 104 concerts” is always entertaining it is so much more than just another concert.

For me if I think of concerts i don’t just think of the music I think of the excitement of grabbing the barrier after queuing all day, that feeling as the lights drop and you know its about to start, shouting to lyrics with the person you only met a few hours ago in the queue but already feel like you’ve known for ages getting totally lost in the music and just having the best time, the friendships you make and most importantly for me it’s the few hours of my life  I can just breathe, forgot about any troubles and worries and have the best time just been myself.

While i understand that sitting on the floor for hours in all weather conditions waiting for doors to open or traveling up and down the country for various bands isn’t everyone’s cup of tea i do wish more people would be more open to the experience of live music.

For those of you reading this you totally understand what I mean and love concerts yourself I thought id share a couple of my favourite concerts.

1)Mcfly – Keepmoat Football stadium

On the 19th of July 2007 i was 10 yet 11 years later i still remember to excitement as my mum picked me up from school to go to my first ever concert. I can remember been totally captured by everything that was going on and having one of the best nights ever coupled with seeing Mcfly who have been one of my favorites all through my childhood and to today i couldn’t of  asked for a better first concert and well with another 104 since it certainly had me hooked.

2) Marianas Trench- London KOKO

IMG_0961This was a concert i went to last year and was actually the third time id seen this band in a few days but when i look back although they all have standout moments this ones stands out to me the most and i think the atmosphere had a lot to do with it. The largest one of there shows i went to and to be surrounding by hundreds of other people when just a few weeks ago i knew of one other person who liked them just felt special. I’ve never sung, danced and laughed so much  and as i left the concert with aching legs and my voice nearly gone all i wanted was to do it again ( to the point i stood outside and booked tickets for the next night.)

I love to hear other peoples experiences so comment below with your favourite concert you’ve been too and let me know if you’d be interested in a separate post looking at my favourite individual moments at concerts/music events

Thanks for reading!