AS IT IS acoustic Sheffield show and vip review 22/05/18

Sheffield was the second stop for the band on there acoustic tour offering fans a chance to see some of there favourite tracks stripped back

I’d purchased the vip package which promised a friendly relaxed atmosphere and it didn’t disappoint.

Now vips I’ve found can be very mixed sometimes there worth it and sometimes there very rushed however I can honestly say the As it is vip was one of the best I’ve been to offering a fans a chance to properly sit down and chat to the band I would definitely do something like it again !

Luke Rainsford was the first support to take the stage although I hadn’t heard of him before been announced as support I absolutely loved him set and the meaning of some of his songs definitely one to watch !!

Dream State was the next act to the stage playing a variety of there songs talking honestly about mental health and addiction and interacting well with the crowd and were a brilliant support to get the crowd ready for as it is. There songs are so meaningful and related I’ll definitely be checking these guys out in the future

Finally it was time for as it is taking to stage in front of an eagerly awaiting crowd they didn’t disappoint playing a wide variety of there songs from things like hey Rachel to there new song The wounded world and older songs that excited the crowd greatly like Map and compass.

The crowd was completely captured by the show with many emotional moments and many moments where everyone was singing and shouting along

CJ from Dream State joined the boys on stage for concrete which was a lovely part of the set and her voice complemented the song amazingly

The acoustic show is certainly stripped back and relaxed compared to There normal shows but it was an amazing experience I only want to relive again and again and I can’t wait to see what the new era and songs hold for the future.