Updates, campfires, and medical appointments

Its been a few months since I’ve posted on here which was never the plan but now I’m ready to get back into the swing of things I thought it may be the best to recap what’s been happening and the time off has given me time to rethink the direction I want to go so them changes are explained below too.

So, the break first started with a new job over summer I was an outdoor activity instructor for a summer camp specialising in language programs for international kids. It was certainly adventure from days of spent at the lakes and in hammocks to staff campfires at midnight, learning many new skills that I may never need again (think carving tent pegs out of sticks and how to string and archery bow) to all the new people I met and bonds that developed it made for a summer to never forgot but was certainly a challenge. (while I’m on this topic let me know if you want a post on the pros and cons of working on a summer camp)

The delay then got extended as I have fibromyalgia a chronic pain condition which all the sudden got very complicated, so I have spent a lot of time rather ill and at the doctor’s, so my blog, unfortunately, was not a priority.

Onto the changes due to the health problems my 24 goals in 24 months challenge which I have planned, I have decided to completely bench for now, however, I did complete some of the things on my list before everything happened so I will post enough post on this in more detail later.

Finally, the new addition to my blog I’m going to be posting a subsection to my blog Adventures with Ella. Ella is my 5-year-old sister (yes there’s a 16 year age gap) who has taken an interest to my blog. From tips on how to revise with a little one around, to toy and event and day out reviews this will be a mix of things and hopefully include great information for anyone who has little people in there lives to look after be that parents, siblings or others.