Starting university as a disabled student

Starting uni can be a challenge for everyone but if your like me and your a student with a disability there’s additional challenges involved. 

Personally I receive help for dyslexia , fibromyalgia and mental health difficulties but there’s a whole range of things you can apply for. 

Although this may be a massive step don’t get overwhelmed you can do this and there’s help available.

Firstly some people will be eligible to help for disabled student allowance you apply for this via the student finance and help can range from mentors to assistive equipment. Secondly university’s will have help for disabled students you can access at my university there in a form of a learning contract outlining adjustments you may need which for me range from typing my exams to extensions on deadlines if I need them it will depends per university and per circumstance what help you get. 


Here’s my tips- 


1.Arrange help as soon as possible!


This is from my experience I struggle to accept help sometimes and wasted months before I accessed help with mentors and certain arrangements in place for me and it was only once accessing them I realised how much I needed them. So don’t feel ashamed to accept help or thing you can cope with out it, may you can but your entitled to it for a reason so it’s best to have it there ready for if you need it !! 


2.Be honest 


If your falling behind , can’t keep up in lectures or many other things go talk to your course leader or university disability services if they don’t know they can’t help and it’s much better to speak up as soon as you realise and get the right adjustments then when your already a few months behind ! 




you’ve already proved yourself to get to university so no matter what else you’ve got going on you deserve to be there as much as the next person so remember you can do this and get the most out of your time at university good luck !! 


Please remember; This is from my own experiences help you can access may be different for help with disabled students allowance please see here for university specific advice please contact your university’s disabled support or advice centre.